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Dear friends, we have new Champions:

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Joce von den Paditzer Schanzen - Junior champion of Russia
Biro Yorkshire Terrier Hot Chocolate Luxus Lazuri - Junior champion of Russia
Biro Yorkshire Terrier Gourman Cholci Boy Luxus Lazuri - Junior champion of Russia
Biro Yorkshire Terrier Burberry of San and Snow - Junior champion of Russia
Kennel Gold Benilux dictates philosophy of aesthetics and beauty in breeding the best representatives of the Bohemian breeds of dogs.

Here in a unique includes representatives of the rare mini rocks: Goldust Yorkshire Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Biro Yorkshire Terrier, White and Red poodle.

Kennel Gold Benilux logs on IBC (international Biewer Club, Germany. Registered in the Union of public kennel «RUSSIAN CANINE FEDERATION», RKF-FCI.

Our dogs are imported from the best kennels of Europe:

Luxus Lazuri" - registered МЕОЕ-FCI in may 2004, IBC (Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e.V.) in July 2008

Rassehundezucht Miros Andre Miros

Our dogs have a brilliant show career and titles: Junior champion of Russia, champion of Russia, Junior German champion, German champion, Junior champion of Hungary, champion of Hungary, young champion of Serbia, champion of Serbia, Junior champion of Czechia, champion of the Czech Republic and other. In the exhibition preparation of the dogs involved only the best handlers industry.

Every pet is beautiful on the exterior, has a balanced mind and good health.

Great attention in the nursery Gold Benilux given to balanced, natural nutrition for dogs. Menu dogs are feeds exclusively super premium class. Private veterinary service of regular veterinary control. Dogs are professional cynologists. All Pets served by highly qualified groomers.

Every dog has a unique portfolio of famous photographers.

All our dogs live in the family and family members is one of the most important moments of the policy and philosophy kennel Gold Benilux. Dogs live in a rural house in an ecologically clean area of Moscow region, which in fact is the key to physical and psychological health of each pet.

Most of the buyers of our dogs have become our good friends. Even after selling a puppy, we provide round-the-clock advice on care, housing, nutrition, education, socialization.

At the request of the new owners, handlers and groomers kennel have lifelong support of the exhibition and home care.

Also, we assumed the care, maintenance and upkeep of the purchased our dogs during check-out their new owners in the nursery organized a luxurious hotel for keeping our little friends.

The nursery is located to the West of Moscow, in 20 km from Moscow ring road speed Novorizhskoe highway, in the country complex «Benelux Residence» BENRLUX RESIDENCES. Location map

The location of the «Benelux Residence» - one of the most beautiful, environmentally friendly and convenient transportation in the entire Moscow region. The nature of the Western suburbs appears here in all its splendor. The most important thing for us and our Pets is the lack of nearby industrial and large agricultural enterprises, as well as the West wind rose provide «Бенилюксу» impeccable environment, including the always clean air, free from the breath of the megalopolis.