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Petersburg Orchid is a completely new breed of decorative dogs.

Externally, the St. Petersburg Orchid is a miniature, proportional and harmoniously combined dog.
Wonderful tiny cheerful dog surprisingly suited to life in the apartment. She is tender, sociable and playful, born solely for love and affection.

In spite of its sophistication, the St. Petersburg Orchid You will become a loyal friend and companion. Playmate for Your children, because she just loves kids and is ready to play with them days. And having played, climbs soak in your favorite chair, in which it is impossible to refuse her.
The strong positive quality of these dogs is the lack of molting, which is very important when the content of the apartment. And Petersburg Orchid practically does not cause Allergy, what is the way out for the people, wishing to have a dog, but suffering from allergic reactions to hair and the smell of animals.
Petersburg Orchid absolutely not aggressive, both people and Pets. Her kindness bribes, but in a critical situation will show that it is still a dog and not a sweetheart live toy.
This dog is very small, so it is easy to take in guests, trips or vacation. She did not bring any inconvenience but Vice versa, will only be happy with his presence.