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The poodle is one of the most intelligent, smart and easy-to dog training (it is no coincidence that the poodles often take part in circus). Probably, favorable influence exerted and decent environment - for centuries poodle was a favorite breed of representatives of Royal and aristocratic families, writers, artists and actors.

Question homeland these dogs still remains open. Some researchers believe that the first poodles appeared in France, others believe that they were bred in Germany. Among the ancestors poodle retrievers, hunting dogs, sheep, shepherds, pointers, greyhounds, барбеты, Maltese, and water spaniels. It is known that in Germany poodles were used for hunting - they saved game from the water, and the word «poodle» derives from the German phrase «pudel-nass», which means «drenched to the skin». However, it is in France poodle is revered as a national treasure. By the way, and modern standard haircuts «beneath the lion was born here, in the capital of world fashion. In Russia this breed came in the 19th century.

Poodle gets along well with children and other animals, is an ideal dog-companion. This breed does not cause allergies, because it does not fade and does not smell. Among the advantages of poodles should note the relatively long for dogs lives - an average of 16-17 years.

Standard poodle:

Height at withers:

Great: 45-60 cm

Small: 35-45 cm

Dwarf: 28-35 see

The: 24-28 see

Color: black, silver, brown, white, apricot or red (+custom colors).

Coat: two varieties - curly and corded ware.


Understanding and intelligent. Perfect for any family. Good Retriever. Strong and full of energy. Good for competition on training. Usually get along well with children and dogs.